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SEAD AGM event – Screening of Carla Novi film ‘Rana Plaza’ 25th February 2015

Posted by Jeni on 9 February 2015


12.10.14_rana plaza_imageTwo months before the collapse of Rana Plaza, Glasgow based artist, Carla Novi visited a garment factory in Savar to interview women workers. She recorded a series of songs and interviews with the women. The factory that she visited was Rana Plaza. Little did she know that two months after her visit, the fifteen voices that she recorded would be buried under the factory’s rubble. A year after the collapse, Carla decided to go back to Bangladesh to find out what happened to the fifteen women that she had met in her previous visit.


Carla screened her documentary, ‘Rana Plaza’, at the CCA, Glasgow, as part of the Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The film follows her personal journey, from her first visit to Dhaka before the factory collapsed, to her return a year after.


After our AGM we will be holding a screening of Carlas emotive film on Wednesday 25th February from 6.30 to 9pm and a Q&A session with Carla Novi following screening of her film.

Tickets are by suggested donation of £5 on the door. Please book through Eventbright  which you can also access through our  Facebook page

The event will take place at Venue, Norton Park Conference Centre, Training Suite, Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QY. Download our event leaflet SEAD event leaflet 250215

If you are interested in this event you might be interested in becoming a volunteer on our Action for Clothing With Dignity campaign click here for more information for our workshop coming up on the 7th March.

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