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The 1% Campaign

SEADs historic 1% campaign

The campaign was originally launched following severe cuts to the development aid budget in the early eighties. The aim was to build a network of donors and activists who would contribute up to 1% of their income to make up the aid budget shortfall. Over the years the 1% campaign grew into an action fund that was used to make direct grants to community groups and to support our popular education program.

Faced with the same challenges today SEAD hopes to renew the 1% campaign. In the current climate, funding for community projects has dried up, and many are struggling to stay on their feet just when the need for them has never been greater.¬†Unlike the one-percent we hear about in the news, SEAD’s 1% represent some of the most committed and charitable people in our society. They are members who regularly donate up to 1% of their income to support SEAD and the work it does with community projects in Scotland and around the world.

Since it was founded SEAD has worked to build a broad, inclusive network of likeminded people who are committed to community development and popular education regardless of where in the world it may be. The 1% donations of our members helped to turn those principles into action, and we hope they can make that action possible in the future.

Members are urged to support the campaign as much as possible and let other people know about it.

People new to SEAD or existing ordinary members can support the campaign by joining SEAD as a 1% member and help make up the difference. To join click this link or the button below.

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