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SEAD’s 1% Self-Tax for Development Campaign was launched in response to the new Conservative Government’s £300 million cut in overseas aid and development education grants. The 1% campaign made direct links between development issues in Scotland and overseas and through the years has funded a variety of projects, including women’s groups in Scotland and Chile, anti-arms trade initiatives, and work in Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast region, to name but a few. Many of the original 1% campaigners continue to support SEAD today.


SEAD received its first grant from the European Commission (EC) for an educational project on the impact of the micro-chip on Scotland’s relations with Western Europe and the Majority World. As part of this project various publications were also produced: Sewing it Up, a booklet and video on the overseas investment strategy of the Glasgow-based multinational Coats Paton; Bathgate on the Edge, a pamphlet about the impact of the international economy on a small West Lothian town; and Electronics and Development, a report and video on the electronics industry in Scotland and Malaysia.


A major conference on disinvestment in South Africa was held by SEAD in Edinburgh’s City Chambers, urging supporters to oppose apartheid by using consumer boycotts (including the boycotting of the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh), trade union and local authority action. The book, ‘Scotland’s Apartheid Connections’, looked at Scotland’s links to apartheid through multinational companies.


A second EC grant was awarded for the project ‘People and Their Jobs’ which investigated the effect of new technology industries in Scotland and the Majority World.


SEAD received a new EC grant for ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’, a 3-year project focused around women organising in Scotland and the Majority World.

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