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SEAD collaborated with the Association of Agro-Forestry Farmers (APA) in the Dominican Republic to run a project to repair the damage wrought by Hurricane Georges. The project also worked to reduce the economic dependence on wood production and increase APA’s capacity to respond to the needs identified by local communities. A case-study was written about the experience of running this collaborative project


SEAD’s experience was distilled into a Toolkit for Community Educators. This was piloted in sessions with 5 groups of community educators.


Karen Grant was employed as Co-ordinator (and later became Director until August 2008) and Erik Koren as Administrator. SEAD worked with Friends of the Earth Scotland to run an exchange and speaker tour with two Ecuadorian activists who came to Scotland to discuss environmental and social impacts of oil exploitation. The highly successful tour visited community groups throughout Scotland.


SEAD continued awareness-raising work on oil and climate change issues, which included a major conference on ‘Oil, War and Climate Change’. It was the result of collaboration with Friends of the Earth Scotland, the student network People and Planet, and the climate change campaign network Rising Tide. Speakers included Larry Lohmann and Nick Hildyard from the Corner House research group, Mandy Meikle from Depletion Scotland, Jo Hamilton from Rising Tide, George Marshall from the Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN).


SEAD launched the Climate Justice Roadshow in partnership with the Trapese Collective. In the run-up to the G8 Summit at Gleneagles in Scotland, the Roadshow toured the country visiting community groups and running workshops on issues around the G8 and climate change. Groups we visited included the Community Training and Development Unit, Castlemilk Youth Complex, and the Edinburgh Refugee Centre, as well as public meetings in Aberdeen, Stirling, Forres and Glasgow.

2006-2009… and beyond…

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