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Economic Literacies

SEAD is planning a new community education project based on economics that will demystify the subject and help people understand the forces that shape their lives and prospects.

The project aims to turn the subject of economics from something arcane and abstract, and into something of daily relevance to your life, family and prospects. It will help people to understand how economies work, and to answer some of the ‘big questions’, such as:

  • What thinking is behind cuts and austerity?
  • Where does money come from and where does it go?
  • What are recessions and why do they happen?
  • Why do some people lose their jobs and why are some jobs moved abroad?
  • What’s happening in Greece and the Euro zone crisis?

A general lack of understanding of economics leaves people vulnerable to exploitation, and prone to seeing things like recessions and inflation as ‘forces of nature’ that people have no control over. Such issues are often described in overly simplistic fashion, or with improper metaphors that equate personal finances, credit cards and household budgets with national budgets and the global economy.

Rather than being passive in the face of economic forces, this project will empower people to understand an economy in which they are disadvantaged as the essential prerequisite to improving their situation.

As with all of our community education projects in the past, SEAD will develop learning materials and resources for others to use  which will let communities take the lead in their own education.

We hope to hold a pilot session soon. As this project is in the planning stages we are keen to have the input of our members in developing a program.

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