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Life on Low Pay

Life on Low Pay is a new research project that aims to understand the effects of low wages on individuals, families and communities.

Much research into poverty tends to be abstract and expressed in statistical data that reveals society-wide inequalities. What SEAD wants to do is to amplify the voices of people who are economically active and in employment, but are still disadvantaged due to the prevalence of low wages in their industry or community.

This research will collect the experiences of people who work in low-paid jobs or live in low-paid families. The aim is to accurately depict the realities of life in communities that are predominantly employed in poorly paid industries in both the public and private sectors. The differential impact of such wages will be explored by looking at the experiences of people in different situations, life-stages and regions.

Our aim is to produce useful qualitative data for campaigners and policy makers, as well as to develop flexible models of community based research that can be applied in a variety of contexts.

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