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Granton Community Gardeners

Working with members of the Granton and Wardieburn communities, SEAD is helping to develop a sustainable food network in north Edinburgh. The project explores the challenges facing these communities and seeks establish the support networks needed to sustain community-led responses to them.

Using SEAD’s principles of popular education, this work empowers people to identify their own development goals and overcome the problems they consider to be holding their community back.

We are organising regular meetings and using established networks to encourage wider community participation. The network shares ideas and knowledge by making connections between people in the community, and by helping them to directly participate in existing networks in the third sector and in local government.

This work builds on SEAD’s ‘Sowing the Seeds’ project that highlighted the interrelation of social deprivation and sustainability issues, ranging from diet, waste management and urban land use.

The project will develop a model of best practice that can be adapted and implemented in other communities.

If you would like to learn more about the project then please contact us at or visit the group’s Facebook page at Granton Community Gardners

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