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Cleaning up the Banks

RBS LogoIn 2008 the government bail out of Royal Bank of Scotland cost the UK taxpayer £45.5 billion, which mean that the bank is over 80% publicly owned. So what is RBS spending our money on?

Projects that threaten human rights, health and the environment of indigenous peoples living in places like

• Canada and the Congo suffering from Tar Sands extraction,

• India where the UK based mining company Vedanta  is causing serious implications for the human rights of communities, including their rights to water, food, health and work

• And also investing in the production of cluster bombs

• And many more like this

SEAD has worked along side other NGO’s in Scotland and UK wide in putting pressure on financial institutions to stop investing unsustainably and calling upon the government to put restrictions on the banks for investments which have a damaging effect in other poorer communities.

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