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Switch On to Climate Change

Would you like to find a way of getting active on climate change in your own area?

SEAD’s project Switch On to Climate Change (SOCC) is one of the first of its kind in Scotland. It’s designed to help turn people turn their worries about climate change into action – the idea is that we all start from our own neighbourhoods and build a movement which can’t be ignored – even at national and international levels.

Get involved!

Our recent events have included:

  • The Great Clothes Swap-a-rama. Hundreds of people in Edinburgh took part in this fun event – saving energy, saving money, reducing waste, and getting a new wardrobe into the bargain!
  • Garbage Warrior. We hosted a lively debate with some of Scotland’s own garbage warriors.
  • Training for Trainers. Would you like to learn how to run a workshop about climate action in your area? We’ve already run events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen – and we have more planned, including one in Skye. Get in touch to discuss whether we might be able to host one near you.

Cover of Rising to the climate challenge

For more information about the latest events taking place through Switch On to Climate Change, click here.

As part of the project we offer workshops, mentoring and support for groups to decide on their next move. If you think people in your area would like to come together to discuss ways that they can take action, this might be a good way of kick-starting the process. Contact us for details.


We’ve made a handy 16-page climate guide: Rising to the climate challenge (1.2MB PDF) which gives you all the basics about what climate change is, and how you can begin to do something about it in your neighbourhood. You can either download it from this site or you can order a pile of them from the SEAD office to give to interested friends, family and colleagues. We can provide workshop templates on subjects like energy, waste and food and can give training for community members who want to learn to run the workshops themselves. Contact our office if you’d like more information about these services.

The great news is that SOCC is part of a much wider movement across Scotland, which includes all different kinds of organisations, from small local groups and individuals to large national campaigning organisations. Our Climate Action Hub provides a wealth of information and links to a vast amount of resources from all kinds of organisations to help you.

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