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Examples of communities taking action

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Lots of people are already doing what they can to create solutions to climate change. We can get inspiration and ideas from people who are already making progress in their own neighbourhoods – whether they’re in Glasgow or Soweto.

In this section you’ll find links to over 50 projects, including more than 20 full case studies about groups, with their background story, what they’re doing, and their top tips for how you can do the same.

A taster of what’s going on..


LogoPortobello started the process of becoming a Transition Town in 2005, as the community was celebrating it’s victory in a long battle against plans to put a superstore at the end of their High Street. Inspired by the work of Rob Hopkins’ permaculture students in Kinsale, Ireland, residents decided that they were ready to follow their example and develop their own own Energy Descent Action Plan. To date they have gone some way towards this…

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Man with 'No to coal' bannerThe successful campaign to stop the dirty coal plants of Bo Nok and Ban Krut is an incredible example of grassroots organising. It is the story of a whole community fighting back against large industrial projects, corruption and bad investments that threaten the local people, communities and the environment

Whittington and Fisherwick

Young kids with large-scale cut-outs of big feetFrom an initial core of three members, after one month, and one article in a local newsletter, this number grew to nine. The stated aim is ‘on a journey to a low carbon future’. Now the team is split into 5 teams: a core group, then groups focusing on events, communications, energy and wildlife.

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