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In case you’d like to find out how the projects listed below could work in your own area, we’ve included nine case studies giving project background, what they’re doing, their tips for groups who want to do the same, and their suggestions for resources you might need.


Sustainable Moseley

Sustainable Moseley (SusMo) is a community project in inner-city Birmingham.


Brighton Permaculture

Brighton Permaculture promotes greener lifestyles and sustainable development through design. It raises awareness and facilitates learning in supportive environments

Outside of the building

Brighton Earthship

Brighton Earthship is a building made largely with recycled materials, using renewable energy and water recycling to make it extremely low impact. There’s also an Earthship in Fife.


Transition City Bristol

Cutting emissions and working to end oil-dependency on a city-scale.


Cambridge Carbon Footprint Project

Cambridge Carbon Footprint is a small, local, voluntary organisation concerned with climate change. One of their guiding principles is the power of creativity. Their aims are: to make people more aware of their personal impact on climate change and to help people reduce that impact.


Going Carbon Neutral Ashdon Hayes

One of the first towns in Britain to set themselves the target to be carbon neutral.


Bovey Climate Action

An inspirational community project from Devon.

Transition Town Totnes

Totnes was the UK’s first Transition Initiative – a community in a process of imagining and creating a future that addresses the twin challenges of diminishing oil and gas supplies and climate change, and creates the kind of community that we would all want to be part of.


The Cornerhouse

Ok, the Cornerhouse is not a community group, but we just wanted to include them because they do great work to support all kinds of campaigns, and particularly grassroots movements in the global South. Here’s a clip from their website, “Since its founding in 1997, The Corner House has aimed to support democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice. It is motivated by the concerns of such movements, whether they be locally-based struggles for land or water rights or better health care; campaigns against destructive mining, dam or forestry projects; or struggles against racial discrimination. We aim to pay constant attention to issues of social, economic and political power and practical strategy. We try to take a “bottom-up” approach, filled with examples, to issues of global significance which are often handled in a more abstract way


People on a walk

Ragman’s Lane Farm

Ragman’s Lane Farm is a 60 acre farm in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. A range of courses are hosted from the farm throughout the year. The farm uses permaculture as a guiding design principle, and is primarily about educating and employing people to work the land sustainably, giving them the opportunity to ‘learn on the job’, as well as producing wholesome food for local markets.


Tir Penrhos Isaf

The people at this permaculture farm at Tir Penrhos Isaf run courses on permaculture and sustainable living, and their website has lots of useful information.


Seeds for Change

Seeds for Change is not strictly a community group, but we included them here because they have produced so many great resources which are helpful to community groups and are available on their website. This includes information on facilitating meetings, organising events and campaigns, getting media coverage for your community action, and much more.


Manchester Is My Planet

Manchester Is My Planet website shows some inspiring local organising to create a low carbon future for Manchester. The project has worked in partnership with Local Authorities, businesses and universities, as well as around 20,000 people.

Peak District

Sustainable Youlgrave

Youlgrave want to ‘take Youlgrave beyond carbon neutral’.



Lammas ecovillage and sustainability project: the vision is that of a flourishing community of land-based projects working together and playing a key role in society’s shift toward a greener future. Low impact development provides an unprecedented opportunity for the repopulation of the countryside by people committed to land-based environmentally conscious living. It provides a framework for the earthright management of the land on a human scale.


The Wasteless Society

A successful project which has been running for over 10 years.

Stretton Climate Care

Stretton, a village in Shropshire doing all kinds of activities to raise awareness and reduce their impact on the climate.


Whittington and Fisherwick Low Carbon Villages

A community working hard to increase efficiency and reduce their demand for energy.

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