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How they’ve done it…

In case you’d like to find out how the projects listed below could work in your own area, we’ve included seven case studies giving project background, what they’re doing, their tips for groups who want to do the same, and their suggestions for resources you might need.


The Earthship, Kinghorn

Building made of recycled materials e.g. tyres
The Earthship is a sustainability centre based in a building made largely with recycled materials, using renewable energy and water recycling to make it extremely low impact.

East Lothian

Sustaining Dunbar

This East Lothian town is working to reduce its impact on the environment and create a plan for a climate-friendly future in Dunbar.



PEDAL Porty (Portobello Energy Descent and Land Reform group) is a fantastic community project which came out of a local campaign against a supermarket development. Now Portobello is becoming Scotland’s first Transition Town.

Campaigning at the Scottish Parliament

Photo of WDM activists campaigning outside the Scottish Parliament with CO2 balloons and placard saying 'Climate Change seriously harms the world's poor'

Highlighting Scotland’s role in global emissions, local campaigners from the World Development Movement Scotland (WDM) went to the Scottish Parliament to meet with MSPs to highlight the difference between CO2 emissions in Scotland and in the countries where people are already suffering most from the impacts of climate change. For example, Scotland, with 5.1 million people, produces more CO2 than Bangladesh, with 140 million people. Yet it is estimated that 55,000 people in Bangladesh have already died in the last decade from climate change-related causes


Eco Renovation Network

The Eco Renovation Network (based in Glasgow) is an online tool for swapping ideas and know-how for making our homes more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Castlemilk and Carmunnock Community Wind Farm

A project to develop a community-owned and led urban windfarm which will generate clean energy and bring revenue into the community for regeneration. More info on Castlemilk and Carmunnock Community Wind Farm.

Highlands and Islands


Highlands and Islands Local Food Network are a group of food consumers, farmers, crofters, community groups, retailers and projects from across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland who are working together to make fresh, locally grown food more available in our communities. There website shows links to producers all over the Highlands and Islands.

Isle of Eigg

The islanders on Eigg have achieved a completely renewable energy system to satisfy all their electricity needs from a combination of hydro power, solar and wind power. For more information see this BBC news article about Eigg.

Island of Gigha

Since buying up their island, the islanders of Gigha have been charging ahead with regeneration projects including a small community-owned windfarm.

Perth and Kinross

Alyth Climate Action Town

Alyth Climate Action Town was set up so the community could collectively recognise its role in the global challenge of climate change and so that businesses, community groups and individuals living and working in Alyth could co-operate in making a commitment to adopt a more climate change friendly lifestyle.

Comrie Development Trust

Creating a sustainable development plan for their village

Bankfoot Community Church

Bankfoot community church has been built with the idea of supporting the communtiy for long-term sustainability.


Going Carbon Neutral Riverside

A community in Stirling who have experienced serious effects of flooding and are taking action to challenge society’s impact on the climate.

Going Carbon Neutral Stirling

Going Carbon Neutral Stirling is a programme hosted by Keep Scotland Beautiful to help people and businesses in Stirling to reduce their carbon footprint.

Callander and Climate Change

Callander and Climate Change are working to raise awareness and increase energy efficiency in Callander.

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