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Taking action internationally

International Climate Witnesses

Anil Krisna Mistry

WWF have launched a project which has already collected 83 testimones from people around the world about how climate change is impacting them. You can take part and become a climate witness, or view the contributions of other witnesses on their website. The contributions from witnesses will be used to influence international policy-makers to take strong climate action.

The Global Climate Campaign

A co-ordination point for groups all over the world who want to be part of the annualĀ Global Day of Action each December. It is hosted by the Campaign Against Climate Change who also organise various climate conferences and events around the UK.

Friends of the Earth Scotland

Have produced a guide ‘Global Connections: The international impact of community action’. You can find it in the ‘Publications and reports’ section of their website, under ‘Guides’.

New Economics Foundation (nef)

Has created Climate Catalyst a programme of action research and advocacy that proposes an alternative international system for addressing climate change. nef is working with environmental advocates, anti-poverty campaigners, leading scientists and policy analysts to develop a new architecture for protecting the world’s atmosphere and delivering a more equitable system for meeting human development needs.

Zero Carbon City

A campaign run by the British Council that that concentrates on the relationship between climate change and cities. It is running a touring exhibition and events in over 60 countries in the world. The site includes ways you can get involved.

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