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Taking action nationally

Whether you want to act on a Scotland-wide level or on the UK level, these organisations can help you. We’ve listed the Scottish sites here, but most of these groups also have a UK hub.

Scotland Against New CoalPetitioning box

Scotland Against new coal is opposed to the building of new coal-fired power stations and the extension of the life of existing sites.

World Development Movement Scotland

Campaigning at a national level on climate change and development issues, with a particular focus on reducing emissions from aviation, and campaigning for a strong Climate Change Bill at both the Scottish Parliament and Westminster levels. They regularly have campaigns you can join, and have active local groups all over Scotland.

Friends of the Earth Scotland

Seeks to influence governments and businesses to make changes to policies in favour of people and planet. Their current campaigns include climate change, nuclear power, waste reduction and micropower. You can take part in their campaigns either via their website, or their local groups.

WWF Scotland (Worldwide Fund for Nature)

Can offer you support and training to join their campaigns on a variety of issues including climate change. Actions include lobbying the Scottish parliament, organising events in your community, or taking part in their International Climate Witness project to convince policy-makers around thw world to tackle climate change.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

A coalition of environment and international development organisations campaigning at national and international levels on climate change (amongst other things).

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