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What’s the key to cutting emissions?

The way to limit climate change is clear – we have to cut our greenhouse gas emissions and end our dependency on fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas.

Reductions come from three methods

  • reducing the demand for energy
  • increasing efficiency when we do use energy
  • replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources

We need to do all three of these together.

How do we do this?

While you may be justified in blaming politicians and the oil companies for causing and perpetuating climate change, we have power as voters, consumers, campaigners and global citizens to have a vital impact on reducing emissions.

There are four levels on which we all have a role to play:

Making changes in our own lives

By accepting the scale of the problem and our own involvement in it, setting goals for reducing our own emissions. After all, we can’t ask other people to do something that we refuse to do.

Ideas for reducing the impact of our own lives in resources >

Locally-based collective action

First steps could be talking to your friends and people at work, spreading information encouraging them to make changes. There are many ways of getting more active on a local level.

Here are some ideas >

Photo of WDM activists campaigning outside the Scottish Parliament with CO2 balloons and placard saying 'Climate Change seriously harms the world's poor'Campaigns targeted at the national level

This can mean getting involved in campaigns to put pressure on companies, public bodies and the government to take action – and supporting them when they are doing the right thing.

More info on acting nationally >

Influencing change internationally

This may sound difficult but there are communities all over the world showing that it’s possible for people to take the lead on promoting positive change by putting pressure on all the major players – from multinational corporations to governments.

More info on acting internationally >

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