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What SOCC can offer

Switch On to Climate Change logoWould you like to find out more about climate change and what can be done about it?

Are you keen to get something happening in your neighbourhood but not sure where to begin?

SEAD’s project Switch On to Climate Change (SOCC) can offer groups and individuals in Scotland sessions, resources and all kinds of ideas for what you can do – taking a global perspective on everything – from waste to food and travel. We can also help groups find their own way to get active on climate change, learning from the experiences of communities all over the world.

Cover of \'Rising to the climate challenge: a mythbusting toolkit for everyoneRising to the climate challenge: a myth-busting guide to climate change

This lively 16-page booklet is designed to cut through the fog of confusion about climate change and looks at some of the common-sense solutions available to us. You can download a copy here, or contact us to order paper copies for you or your group. If you find it useful, please tell your friends about it, or order some copies to distribute in your neighbourhood.

Download a copy of Rising to the Climate Challenge (1.2MB PDF)

Training for trainers

Group of nine budding trainers smiling and laughing

We also offer training for people who would like to learn to run workshops themselves. Contact us at the SEAD office to hear about upcoming training events or to plan one in your area.

Mentoring, advice and support

Are you keen to get something happening in your community but not sure where to begin? Give us a call and we can discuss your needs. We can give you examples of successful community action and help support your group as your ideas develop, providing practical ways of running decision-making and action-planning events.

Other resources

Film resources: we have a suggested programme for a climate change film festival you can run. We have also gathered a selection of film clips about climate change – some funny, and some just very informative – pass them on to friends, colleagues and family.

Workshop templates are available if you would like to run the workshops yourself – contact the SEAD office for details of templates about:

  • Community-based climate action
  • Food and climate change
  • Energy and climate change
  • Waste and climate change

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