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Multimedia resources

There are great multimedia resources out there to make learning about climate change much more inspiring. We’ve gathered together some of our favourites for you to watch and show your friends.

Robin Hood Tax YouTube channelGraphic of Robin Hood Tax

All the campaign videos, including playlists for supporter videos and Robin Hood Tax events.

Go to the Robin Hood Tax Channel

Switch On to Climate Change TVGraphic of Switch On to Climate Change logo over TV

Our very own TV channel! As well as some of the best short films about climate action, SEAD volunteers have also been out and about interviewing people on the streets of Scotland about climate change, and talking to a few of Scotland’s hardest-working climate campaigners. You can see the results here.

Go to ‘Switch On to Climate Change TV’

Make your own film festival

A great way to begin taking with your community about climate issues is to show a film and have a discussion. You can do this in your living room or in your local town hall – it depends how ambitious you are feeling!

Go to ‘Make your own film festival’

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