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What do you want to know about climate change?

The cover of SEAD's climate change bookletFrequently asked questions about climate change

Do you want to know more about what climate change is, how we can help prevent it and how it will impact Scotland? As well as answering those questions, our FAQs page gives some pointers to some of the big issues linked to climate change, like access to oil, the facts about biofuels, carbon trading and nuclear power.

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Climate mythbusting

Cut through the fog of confusion about climate change. Our mythbuster helps to answer questions like, ‘Haven’t there always been changes in the climate?’ and ‘Does it mean we’ll get better weather in Scotland?’.

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Red herrings and non-solutions

There are many myths circulating about climate change as false ‘solutions’. These range from the frightening to the downright barmy. We need to beware of proposals for environmentally dangerous ‘solutions’, or plans to allow the continuation of business as usual.

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How do we make our society more sustainable?

There is an enormous amount of information out there about sustainable solutions to problems around sustainable ways to manage our needs for energy, food, transport and waste management. This page links up to just some of those resources, as well as lots of information about low impact living and building.

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How is climate change impacting communities around the world?

Hear testimonies from people all over the world about how climate change is impacting them, and what they are doing about it. The page also shows some of the organisations highlighting the injustice that climate change is caused mostly by overconsumption in wealthy countries, yet so far it most severely impacting people in some of the poorest countries in the world. For more background, read the World Development Movement’s interview with Ricardo Navarro, director of the Centre for Appropriate Technology in El Salvador and a former chair of Friends of the Earth International.

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