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Climate mythbusting

‘… reduce funding to fossil fuel industries…’

Photo of Siziwe Khanyile

“Hi, my name is Siziwe Khanyile from South Africa. My opinion is that the World Bank should reduce funding to extractive industries and fossil fuel industries and focus on renewable energies to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of climate change.”


Partly because of the science involved, and partly because of a tendency to stick our heads in the sand, we all tend to get distracted by various myths about climate change. This happens everywhere – from down the pub, to the Scottish Parliament. It is important that we can tell the difference between fact and fiction, so here are a few common myths about climate change…

Cover of \'Rising to the climate challenge: a mythbusting toolkit for everyoneRising to the climate challenge: a myth-busting guide to climate change

This lively 16-page booklet is designed to cut through the fog of confusion about climate change and looks at some of the common-sense solutions available to us. You can download a copy here, or contact us to order paper copies for you or your group. If you find it useful, please tell your friends about it, or order some copies to distribute in your neighbourhood.

Download a copy of Rising to the Climate Challenge (1.2MB PDF)

Rising Tide logoSome of the content of these pages were adapted with permission from the Rising Tide website. Have a look at their site for a fantastic amount of resources and information.

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