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Red herrings and non-solutions

Atossa Soltani from Amazon Watch

So while everyone’s talking about how to reduce carbon emissions, what is not being talked about is the oil industry and the fossil fuel industry spending upwards of 300 billion US dollars a year looking for new fossil fuel reserves. When we can not afford to burn the reserves we already have found.

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For the same reasons as there are many myths circulating about climate change, there also many false ‘solutions’ – from the frightening to the downright barmy. We need to beware of proposals for environmentally dangerous ‘solutions’, or plans to allow the continuation of business as usual.

Solving the problem of climate change will need a diverse range of approaches, starting with reducing energy demand, increasing energy efficiency, and developing our clean, green renewable sources of energy.

Of course we all have different ideas about what is a red herring and what is a real solution and it’s often difficult to work out which is which from media stories. The best way of telling the difference between real solutions and red herrings is to ask yourself the question – ‘Is this going to cut greenhouse gas emissions at source?’

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