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Challenging corporations

ProtestorsCorporations are hugely influential players in global politics and economics. For example, Walmart (the company that owns ASDA) is economically as big as Indonesia, the world’s 4th most populous country. Nestle is bigger than Egypt and Unilever is bigger than Pakistan (a country of 126million people). As a result, corporations have very privileged access to political decision-makers, and the result is that profits are often given higher importance than peoples’ wellbeing. There are thousands of groups working to challenge corporate power around the world. Here is a handful you may find helpful.

Please send us your recommendations to add to this list.


Tescopoly: every little hurtsThis is an alliance of organisations concerned with the negative impacts of supermarket power.

Corporate Watch

A research group supporting the campaigns which address the problem of misuse of corporate power. Have a look at their DIY Guide: How to research companies.


A resistance network that opposes the activities of oil companies in tropical countries.

Corporate Europe Observatory

A dynamic research and campaign group targeting the threats to democracy, equity, social justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power of corporations and their lobby groups.

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