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Funding sources for community groups

Hand-made tree with environmental messages on leavesA good place to start your hunt for funding is your local library which will have books like ‘The Directory of Grant-making Trusts’. In the end of the day the most important thing is to make sure to read the guidelines carefully and only give the funder the information they really want.

To find out more, you can also have a look at these sites which offer funding opportunities for community groups in Scotland.

Sustainable Scotland

There is a wide variety of sources of funding to help community groups. Have a look at the Sustainable Scotland site – it has a list of sources to get you started, and includes funds which can help with things like environmental projects in school grounds as well as links to online databases and services in local libraries (such as Funder Finder) which can help you find the help you need.

The Voluntary Action Fund

The Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) is an independent grant-making trust which invests in voluntary and community based organisations across Scotland. The funding and support we provide enables them to undertake projects that challenge inequalities and overcome barriers to being involved in community life.

The Climate Challenge Fund

The Climate Challenge Fund was set up to help communities to significantly reduce carbon emissions. There is no set grant and no minimum level of award but a £1,000,000 maximum has been set. The Climate Challenge Fund is being supported by an alliance of partners from key organisations and networks throughout Scotland, who bring expertise and experience of community-level interventions. SEAD is a member of the Alliance. The Sustainable Development Commission Scotland (SDC) is coordinating the work of this alliance.

The Scottish Community Foundation

Community Grants is their general grants programme, making grants of up to £5000 to a broad cross section of constituted groups involved in social welfare and community development activities.

The Big Lottery Fund

The Big Lottery Fund has various community-oriented funding lines which can offer large sums of money. But beware as it is highly competitive and can be very labour intensive.

Awards for All

Awards for All is an accessible, community-focused lottery fund which offers grants of up to £10,000.

Scottish Community Action Research Fund

Supporting communities to carry out their own research into what will work for them.

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