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Getting involved and involving others

Raised Voices

Soumitra Ghosh “The biggest impact of the G8 countries is the economy, or the type of economy they want to promote in the developing countries. The most direct impact of that can be felt in the forestry sector, along with land of course. Forests are being hawked as a whole as commodities. And [corporate interests] are into the total market potential of forests as a whole and all sorts of services they can reasonably, or by a very long stretch of the imagination, provide. All the services are being hawked. And that means, you know that communities dependent on these resources, communities that have the most logical and rational access to those services, they are being deprived of those services. Because the services which are inalienable in nature, services which are inalienable in community rights over resources – those are being separated from the communities and those are being marketed.”

Soumitra Ghosh is a forest and climate activist in India. To see more testimonies from people around the world, visit

The Skye and Lochalsh Community Toolkit

This holds a vast amount of useful resources for community organising anywhere in Scotland – urban or rural.

Local People Leading

An informal alliance of national networks, local community groups and individuals that has come together to campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland. It has two main functions – to promote the work of local people in their communities and to influence national policy development.

Rural Community Gateway

Offers rural communities a way into the array of services available to help them develop projects in their own areas – and includes info about what already exists.

Friends of the Earth Scotland

Produced a guide called “Setting up a community sustainability project” and another called “Voices from the Grassroots” about community action in Scotland. Find it on their website under ‘Publications and reports’ and ‘Guides’

Scottish Community Development Centre

Has a lot of information about promoting community engagement and capacity building.

Rising Tide

Has factsheets about involving people in community action, and many more resources which can help you on everything from managing groups to moving people.

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