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Working with schools

Eco-schoolsA small boy spreads his arms as a plane flies overhead

Eco-Schools is an international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment. It is an environmental management tool, learning resource and recognised award scheme

They now have over 3,000 schools registered with the Eco-Schools programme in Scotland, which includes over 93% of Scotland’s local authority schools. Over 21% of their local authority schools have attained the highest award level – the Green Flag.

Action 4 Sustainability

Action 4 Sustainability provides fun, hands-on ways for Highland children to learn about living sustainably. The Outdoor Classroom Directory 2007 for Highland schools, is available now from the link above. Action 4 Sustainability offers workshops for all age groups 3-18, training for teachers at primary and secondary level, a comprehensive resource library, up-to-date information on what other organisations are doing, and how they can help your schools. They also support schools to achieve their Eco Schools Green Flag award, and work with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other local partners to educate for sustainable living.

Learning and Teaching Scotland

Have a web resource which can be a handy starting point for secondary school pupils

Media Empowerment Kit for secondary school teachers

This is produced in Canada, but is full of ideas which could be applied here. It has a lot of downloadable workshop/lesson plans.

(IDEAS) International Development Education Association of Scotland

A network of organisations working with schools and communities on all kinds of development issues, including climate change.

Oxfam Climate Chaos

A week of activities on climate change for children aged 9-11

Department for International Development

Has a web resource for children of all ages.

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