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Skills and training for community organising

Sus it Out

Sus it Out is an online training resource about sustainable development, aimed at Scottish community groups.

Uncle George at the railway stationSEAD’s Switch On to Climate Change project

SOCC offers workshops about climate change and community action to community groups in Scotland, and training for people who would like to learn how to run workshops themselves. It also offers resources and mentoring to support the development of new community initiatives to tackle climate change.

Training and support in Moray and Aberdeenshire

REAP (Rural Environmental Action Project) provides training, support and resources to local groups across Moray and Aberdeenshire. It produces a monthly Green Diary of community events. For more information, email or call 01542 888 070.

Community Service Volunteers

CSV Scotland offers tailored training for community groups as well as media training in partnership with the BBC.

Fablevision – Scotland’s centre for cultural planning

Fablevision is based in Glasgow and has worked for 20 years at a community level. All their projects have bespoke learning programmes attached to them, allowing the communities of people, steering groups and agencies to follow and monitor the process of each creative project. This ensures cross-sectoral involvement and the future sustainability of the project.

COIN (Climate Outreach and Information Network)

An Oxford-based organisation which can offer you: Climate Change Condensed course, Speaker Training course and a Communicating Climate Change course.

Trapese Popular Education Collective

Have some great resources on their website, and you can also buy a copy of their very useful book ‘Do it Yourself: A Handbook for Changing Our World”

Other organisations to contact about training

Friends of the Earth Scotland
World Development Movement

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