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Nuclear power – problem or solution?

Torness nuclear power station near DunbarOne of the big issues around energy production which has reared its head in response to climate change is nuclear power. The nuclear industry has seen an opportunity for a resurgence in nuclear power, and proponents argue that it is one way of generating a lot of electricity with relatively low greenhouse gas emissions. However, opponents dispute that, saying that uranium mining is energy intensive, and there is no satisfactory solution yet for the disposal of nuclear waste. The UK government is currently in favour of nuclear power being part of the energy mix. Here are some links to explore some of the problems with resorting to nuclear power:

Nuclear Information and Resource Centre

Has produced many useful documents on why nuclear is no solution to climate change

Greenpeace’s campaign against nuclear power and nuclear weapons

Greenpeace has a long-standing anti-nuclear campaign

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Another issue against development of new nuclear power is the impact that has on the accessibility of radioactive material for producing nuclear weapons and the impact that could have on security.

World Information Service on Energy

The World Information Service on Energy has an anti-nuclear focus.

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