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Shows articles by Guardian columnist George Monbiot on a variety of issues relating to development, environmental and social justice.

Alastair McIntosh

Alistair McIntosh is based in Glasgow and is a writer, lecturer, social activist, broadcaster and campaigning academic from the Isle of Lewis. You can read a lot of his articles on this site.

It’s getting hot in here

The voice of a growing movement, a collection of voices from the student and youth leaders of the global movement to stop global warming. Originally created by youth leaders to allow youth to report from the International Climate Negotiations in Montreal, It’s Getting Hot in Here has since grown into a global online community, with over 100 writers from countries around the world.

Climate Change Denial

This site is the blog of George Marshall. He says,

“This blog explores the topic of the psychology of climate change denial – with observations and anecdotes about our weird and disturbed response to the problem. It seeks to answer a question that has puzzled me for years: why, when the evidence is so strong, and so many agree that this is our greatest problem, are we doing so little about climate change?”

A site devoted to discussion on climate change and related issues

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