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Land ownership and planning issues

Bird's eye view of Isle of GighaScottish Community Land Network

This website has a useful information about all aspects of community land ownership, local economic development and community energy, including how to fund your own community land purchase. You can sign up for their newsletter online.

Community Land Unit

An initiative of Highlands and Islands Enterprise to increase the role of communities in the ownership and management of land and land assets, and the sustainable management of these resources for the benefit of the community.

Community Land Trust

This website is a resource to assist you develop community land trust solutions for affordable housing, amenity and workspace in Britain. A Community Land Trust is a mechanism for the democratic ownership of land by the local community. Through CLTs, local residents and businesses participate in and take responsibility for planning and delivering redevelopment schemes.

Caledonia Centre for Social Development

Presents information from Scottish and international perspectives on land tenure, land reform, land use and social land ownership.

The Land Is Ours

The Land Is Ours is based in England and Wales, which have a different land ownership context and planning system than Scotland, but there’s still a lot of useful information and ideas on their site. “TLIO campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources, and the decision-making processes affecting them, for everyone, irrespective of race, gender or age.”

Chapter 7

Chapter 7, the Planning Office of TLIO (see above), campaigns for a planning system which actively encourages sustainable, low impact and affordable homes. Again, although the context is different from Scotland, there is a lot we can learn from this group.

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