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People and society – opportunities for progressive change

Two people running a stallTransition Culture

How might our response to peak oil and climate change look more like a party than a protest march? A blog exploring the emerging transition model in its many manifestations

Radical Routes

A network of co-operatives whose members are committed to working for positive social change. They are working towards a world based on equality and co-operation, where people give according to their ability and receive according to their needs, where work is fullfilling and useful and creativity is encouraged, where decision making is open to everyone with no hierarchies, where the environment is valued and respected in its own right rather than exploited.

Permaculture Association

Also has interesting ideas about restructuring society to operate in a more balanced and sustainable way.

Permaculture principles

The purpose of this website is to communicate the essence of permaculture simply and clearly, and to get you thinking about how it can apply to your own life.

Culture Change

A blog about making profound changes in the way we care for human and environmental needs.

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