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Posted by Daniel on 22 March 2016

The SEAD 2016 AGM will be held on:

Wednesday 13th April
18:30 – 20:00
Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL

All members and interested parties are warmly invited.

A letter from our Chairperson:

Dear Members,The landscape for charities has changed dramatically in Scotland since SEAD launched in 1978. As we near our 40th anniversary, I really want to introduce some lasting change that will see our collective financial contributions continue to have a radical impact for positive change.

Over the last 18 months SEAD has experienced some dramatic changes and we are now entering a new period for the charity. In order to do this, we’d like you to join us and contribute as we forge our new path, whether this is either in person or by proxy.

As a Board we have suggested that SEAD becomes the giver of small grants of up to £250 to community and volunteer groups in order to generate campaigning activity and powerful pockets of impact. We want to focus on the wealth of positive social justice impact and on developing a new wave of activism in Scotland. I hope to explain more on the evening itself and to get your valuable thoughts as a valued contributor of precious funds.

If you can, please come along and share your thoughts and passion for how to make SEAD a charity for the future. If you’re unable to be with us on April 13th, please consider allowing me to hold your proxy vote.

Thank you,

Al Powell

Chairperson, Scottish Education and Action for Development


1. Presentation and accepting of minutes of the previous AGM, Wednesday 25 February 2015

2. Presentation and accepting of the annual accounts

3. Update, questions and answers about charitable sustainability and ‘SEAD Grants’

4. Retiring, re-appointment and appointment of Member Directors

5. Close



“The future’s not a place we’re going to but one we are creating… the paths are not to be found, but made.”
– John Homer Schaar

Following the proceedings of the AGM, we will be hosting an interactive discussion evening about the sustainability of SEAD as it nears its 40th birthday in three years’ time. We want to gather members’ thoughts about what success could look like for the charity. This will include contributing to our Vision and Values.

We will be utilising your expertise and passion to help make our new paths… The AGM shall also observe a moment’s reflection to remember our dear friend, Erik Koren, SEAD Company Secretary, who sadly passed away in October 2015

The event is free to attend, light refreshments shall be provided and we will also be taking any charitable donations at the door.


For the charity to pass the accounts and reappoint trustees, it is necessary for us to reach quorum in accordance with the Articles of Association. If you are not able to attend in person, please consider awarding us your proxy vote as a valued member and supporter. In order to activate your proxy vote, please follow the instructions below:

Email: board (at) with the subject ‘Proxy Vote’ and the message:

“I [insert your name], as a member of Scottish Education and Action for Development, hereby allocate my proxy vote to the Chairperson for the single purpose of the Annual General Meeting 2016”


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SEAD Membership

SEAD members are part of a dynamic movement for positive social change. For over 30 years our members have stood for the principles of social justice, solidarity and collective action. They have sustained us through difficult times and their support has made positive action possible in communities across the globe.

Become a Member online…

SEAD membership is a mutual relationship. As a member you will not only be a supporter, but you will also receive the benefits of membership. As an individual, organisational or 1% member you will be in touch with the work you make possible, as well as have access to SEAD’s knowledge and expertise.

Read more about what we do…

The 1%ers

The 1% campaign was first launched in response to government austerity and recession as a protest against devastating cuts in the government’s aid budget. Faced with similar challenges today SEAD has re-launched the 1% campaign. Unlike the one-percent we hear about in the news, SEAD’s 1% represent some of the most committed and charitable people in our society. They are members who regularly donate up to 1% of their income to support SEAD and fund community projects in Scotland and around the world.

Read more about the campaign…

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